Supporting Heavy Industrial and EPC Construction Companies

in the petrochemical, LNG, power, natural gas processing, refining, pipeline facilities, terminal, cyro, and gathering facilities

Fabricating  Process Pipe 

General Fabricators, Inc. Pipe Fabrication Facility New Iberia, La.


Pipe Fabrication

Process pipe fabrication is our specialty. 

Our customers are heavy industrial construction and EPC contractors.

Our experience qualifies us to be your partner by providing the highest quality fabrication of process piping and the structural steel that supports it for your construction, maintenance, turnaround, expansion, production and installation projects. Our sweet spot is 2" through 24" OD.

Our experience with B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, 49 CFR and API 1104/API 1104M makes us second to none. 

If your question is "What do you do best?" our answer is, "We fabricate process pipe and the structural steel that supports it, delivered to you, according to the priority list you supplied; tagged, bagged, labeled per your ISO's, color coded by unit, quicker and better than anyone else, with your completed data book."

Process Pipe Welding

TIG tacks, TIG root and hot pass, flux core fill and cap welding procedures to meet or exceed your customers specifications.

Our customers projects are in power plants, cryogenic plants, petrochemical plants, midstream facilities, refineries, LNG plants, NGL plants, and Terminals.

We work with carbon steel, low temp carbon steel, chrome and stainless steel. We've included a partial list of customers our customers work for below. 

We estimate and keep track of our production by the number of welds we complete, on the floor each 8-10 hour shift. Depending on the mix of our small bore shop (10" and below) to our large bore shop (12" and above) Our production average ranges from 125-200 welds a day. 



What we do is fabricate process pipe. every day, all day long. Our facility is designed for that very purpose. 

Laydown yard for storage and  shipping and receiving

We blast and paint on sight.

We have 5 acres to store the pipe we fabricated before we ship it to your job sight. We also have 3 acres of yard to store materials you supply for each project. All materials are traceable and  separated by job number with all  traceability labeling on each end of each piece of pipe or fittings. 

When your pipe spools are being shipped to Wyoming, Okla., Colorado, Alabama, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Miss., Florida, or anywhere in between, we have the space to store until your field crews are ready for delivery.

Looking for a partner to work with on your construction projects you can trust? 


Your Search is Over

We made the choice to fabricate process pipe in support of heavy industrial and EPC construction companies. 

Market Data Reveals

Market data shows that our economy is in a very fluid cycle. There is still money to be spent, however, the customers have more options than ever to take advantage of what they do with their money. Your customers are deciding how they're going to spend next years budget, what's going to be in their budgets next year, and the year after that and so on. Some questions they're asking themselves is, is it more cost effective to sit tight or buy a competitor or continue building their own infrastructure? Do we look for other markets to do business in? Do we continue on the path we've already established or do we change directions? Political instability, International markets changing, shrink or grow, or the status quo? All these details our customers are pondering over cuts into our customer base as well as available projects coming out for construction. If nothing else, it changes their time table of starting and completing projects that are already on the books. All of this can have a negative impact on our individual businesses, having nothing to do with our performance or cost structure. Our plan is to assist our customers in offering their customers the best ROI we can. This additional help may just be the difference your customers need to expand or not. 

We've all cut our pricing to the bone already, and squeezed our vendors as much as we can. There has to be another answer. Part of that answer is to work with General Fabricators, Inc. for your process pipe fabrication instead of welding it in the field. The way we ship your fabricated pipe to your job site can be in the same order as you'd field fabricate it, ready to be lifted and bolted in. Now you don't need so may welders in the field, you can utilize skilled labor to do the installation. That saves time in construction, replaces high dollar labor for lower dollar labor, and saving time is making money as well as shortening the overall construction time for the job. Not to mention the smaller area you have to clear for laydown. We all know that sometimes, some projects are awarded according to completion dates more than dollars spent on the project. We're that one partner in your construction process that can make a time difference for you. Contact us to find out what other ways we may be able to assist you in working more efficiently and effectively for your customers. We're here to help you continue to be a viable and successful contactor. We're a resource for you to make a difference for your customers.

Process pipe and header system in Texas

Process pipe Texas and New Mexico 

Process pipe in the southwest United States 


Our business is supporting construction companies. Over the years, our company has become one of the leading and preferred process pipe fabrication facilities in the country.

How did we earn that distinction?

Through upholding "old fashioned principles" like good business ethics, strong partnerships, and concern for our customers and their customers. By working hard  with unparalleled determination to help you get the next job award.

We take pride in what we do and what it looks like when it leaves our facility. It has our name on it, as well as yours, so it'll be done right.  

Call us, 337-685-2585 and ask us how we can work with you to give your customers what they want and need.



Year Established


Projects Completed

Our Production Shop 


Industries we specialize in. Cryogenic Plants, Petrochemical Plants,     LNG Plant, NGL Plants, Tank Terminals, Power Plants,

Natural Gas Processing Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Gathering Facilities,

Pipeline Facilities, Refining, and VCM Plants

Our Customers work for these Companies.

A partial listing.

Limited list of our clients customers



Have questions, call us at 337-685-2585


Morris Hankins, President/Owner

Stephen Richard, VP/Owner

Jeff Aucion, Engineering Manager

Colby Lopez, Engineer

Wendy Lormand, Controller/Purchasing Manager

Chauntley McFarlane, Document Control

Corie East, S&R Supervisor 


2904 W Old Spanish Trail

New Iberia, La. 70560

Tel: 337-685-2585


To apply for a job with General Fabricators, Inc.  Apply at our office or please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

Proposal Request: 337-685-2585

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