In 2010 Morris Hankins took over management duties for a small construction company with a fabrication shop called General Fabricators, Inc.

He challenged his team of hand-selected managers and craftsman to develop their under utilized fabrication company into 
fabrication powerhouse. In a short period of time, this team of men and women transformed this modest, aging company into a forward-moving organization of innovators--completing on domestic and international projects.

We've completed a number of complex projects that HAD to be delivered on time
, and we're proud of each one. "First time" and "never done before," are a few phrases that show up in news articles about the projects, and we view this as a testament to our creativity as pioneers. "With great people who work hard, we can be your partner to fabricate what you need, when you need it, and especially how you want it."

While upholding "old-fashioned principles" like good business ethics and concern for the customer, General Fabricators, inc. operates with hard work and determination. And it's with those principles that we've taken this company from where it was a few short years ago to where it is today. Call us and let us be a part of your future.



Morris has always advocated a very specific ethos for this company: "excellence through hard work and determination."

"My name is on everything that goes out this gate, and remember, so is yours."



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